Being Inspired on Creativity

Its been quite a while now, since I have not written anything while at work. Its also been a quite a while since I wrote anything personal.

Or casual.

Or fun.

Makes me rethink if I was writing at all.

Today, I don’t have much to do, new workplace and all. (Who am I kidding, I don’t have anything to do). Figured I should write again. For myself. My boss says, write for the world, that is what advertisement is all about. Sure, that works for work, but what about when I am drained and am left with no creativity at all. At some point, don’t I have to write for myself too?

Adding to that, my boss asked me, what inspires creativity in you? I was stunned and didn’t really answer the question (‘first day of work’ blues).

So, one thought lead to another, and it got me thinking, what is creativity after all?

At my previous workplace, I don’t deny the umpteen amount of knowledge that I gained, however, does knowledge leash or unleash creativity?

Moreover, where does one find creativity?

There is this one phrase that my previous boss keeps using, “this is completely subjective”. Before having my work reviewed by him, and before understanding his meaning of the word ‘subjective’, ironically the word itself for me has always been subjective. Confused? Yea, me too.

Moving on, isn’t creativity pretty subjective in itself? A work of writing might suck for the reader, but might be a complete masterpiece for the author.

But the then again, a piece of writing is worse than useless without its readers.

This article for example, for me, it is a means of imparting all of my knowledge that I have gained (limited as it is), though for many of you reading, it might make no sense.

Coming back to the topic at hand (we tend to stray from that often), what is the true meaning of creativity? (Or was it the true meaning of subjective?)

Don’t both of them mean the same anyway?

Creativity  = a person’s thought process

Subjective = a person’s perspective = a person’s thought process

Hence, proved.

Hah, my 10th grade math tutor is going to very proud.

Now that its proved that creativity is subjective, I think that there is no real definition for creativity. I find creativity while I stare into space, my best friend finds creativity after googling and researching about the topic she has to write about. After a lot of pondering, I advice my readers (if there are any), do not find creativity in someone or something else. Confused about something? Ask yourself. After all, isn’t the creation of humans ‘god being creative’?

So, this is how its going to be then. My first blogpost in years, and I just rambled on. IF any of you are still reading this, it gets better. I promise.

What are your thoughts on creativity and subjectivity?

Please let me know in the comments below!

This blog is about things that inspire humans. (Or animals, only they can’t read). Please tell me about what inspires you, I will love to write about it, if it inspires me too. (DUH).




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